• Students are expected to conduct themselves in a disciplined manner at all times and in all places.
  • Students must show respect and courtesy to all members of staff and visitors.
  • Students should take care of school property and ensure that no damage is done. Any damage done will be recovered from the offenders.
  • Use of unfair means and possession of unauthorized material in any examination will result in cancellation of that paper and serious disciplinary action will be taken.
  • Students are not permitted to leave the school premises during school hours without the permission of the school authority.
  • To wear jewellery which includes rings, chains, bangles, bracelets, and expensive watches.
  • Girls are allowed to wear a small ear stud only.
  • To carry expensive objects, e.g. audio/videotapes, calculators, cameras, glossy magazines, cell phones is strictly prohibited.
  • The school is not responsible for the loss of valuables and money brought any student, valuables confiscated and will not be returned under any circumstances.
  • Instruction of the teachers must be followed.


  • The skirts should be knee-length and shirts should be tucked in.
  • Boy’s Trousers should not be worn below the waist, shirts should be properly tucked in.
  • Shoes should be cleaned and polished every day.
  • No sneakers or any other shoes other than the regular school shoe is allowed.
  • Shoes with high hills are not allowed.
  • Hair should be properly done and pinned every day for girls.
  • Boys should have a neat haircut.
  • Spiking of hair is not permitted in school.
  • Use of hair colour is prohibited for all.
  • The makeup of any kind is prohibited.
  • Nails should not belong and should not be polished.