Principal’S Desk

The journey which always gives you wonderful feeling when you experience the blossoming of an institute from an incipient fledgeling to a centre of excellence. The honest endeavour which pushes the marks of perfection brings in the thrill and joy of creativity.

No journey is without trial and tribulation but as a good gardener, we all know that the passion for gardening that keeps us going. The dream that flame this passion is to see those plants that you have sown will grow into big Bhodi tree of wisdom and watching them from far will bring the sense of containment. Rooted in Indian tradition and culture the focus has always remained in embracing modern idea and knowledge. We help parents recognise, inspire and give wings to this specific gift of their child.

This we believe has created valued-added education. However, our special attention has always remained with the weak students who fail to cope up with the pace of competition. Children have a natural talent that waits to be nurtured to reality. We allow every child to explore, discover and experience his own world.

We don’t believe in teaching the best but our trust is with those who are not. It is this challenge that makes us unique and our student realizes how we can bring a difference in their life.

Thanking You,

Sumita Bhattacharya