About Us

Riverdale high school was started by a group of dedicated teachers in South Kolkata who thought of a system where education need not be expensive. With qualified teachers at their beck and call, they embarked on revolutionizing the basic education system.

This journey started in the year 2000 with initially 4 students and within 20 years today, it is catering 500 students each year. Supported by our main school each year nearly 100 students appear for CBSE board examination in secondary and senior secondary level and achieves above 90% marks. Young Celebrities like Debadrita Basu, Shaona khan, Armaan khan have grown up with the values inculcated by the teachers.

However, our special attention remained with the weaker students who fail to cope up with the pace of competition. We don’t believe in teaching the best but our tryst is with those who are not. It is this primary challenge that makes us unique.


To promote equality, love, liberty for each and everyone.


  • Providing education to all;
  • To inspire and challenge all segment of the school to raise the realm from good to better and better through continuous quality assessment;
  • To be a road between the rural and urban divide, taking the advantages of education to the poor and the marginalized, aiming at their empowerment;
  • The values of sharing and caring as well as leadership responsibilities are taught right from the Nursery classes so that dale school students leave a mark as worthy;
  • We offer excellent quality, internationally accredited English language curriculum to a diverse community.
  • The School aims at providing an all-round education and trains students intellectually, morally, spiritually, and physically;
  • To capable every child entrusted to our care to reach their full potential as image-bearers of our God-Creator and responsible nation-builders;